Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My Calendar 2011 *September* + Watery Wednesday


I admit this is a bit of a stretch just to get my calendar picture to fit with the Watery theme of the day… But did you know that 80-85% of an apple is water?

Not watery enough for you? Okay, then… Let’s put the apple in the water instead. Most of the “%” in the apple that aren’t water, are air! That’s why they float.

Pure miracle really that they also manage to taste so good, isn’t it?


‘2sweetnsaxy’ (host of Watery Wednesdays) also suggested something reminding of Valentine’s Day for this week. Perhaps the apple reminds more of temptation than of true love – but still… I think the two apples in the first picture make a “sweet couple, cheek to cheek”… ;)

♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. Great idea, may be I will do this experiment with my students.

    Re" Car wash, my husband is always complaining that I don't wash my car, sometimes he washes for me and I pretend I was too busy on the computer.

  2. I think this is very very clever!!!! The apple is truly a piece of work with totally plenty of water. What a beautiful photo.

    Turtle Soup

    I hope your Wednesday is treating you well!!

  3. Superb bit of writing. The pictures are not stretching things too far.

  4. Your first photo of the two apples is beautiful!
    I agree with you that apples are micracles!

  5. love the loving apple couple, very pretty and i did not know apples float. the apple in second photos is a pefect still life, water or no water.

  6. Love the image of the apple, I'm hoping for my first apples this fall from the trees I planted two years ago.
    I smiled at your watery "apple in water" shot.

  7. I didn't know ANY of this, and it's such cool information. I need to throw away all my apple pictures now, none are a good as this one.

  8. Now you're making me hungry with your first shot.
    Of course there are also "love apples" in Song of Songs:)


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