Friday, 22 November 2013

FMTSO/Weekend Reflections


Friday My Town Shoot Out: “My Weakness”

“When driving through town where does the car pull you? Is there someplace you just can't resist stopping? A favorite shop, store, house....? Show us in pics.”


I don’t drive… I walk.
There are some views in town I always return to.
I love the river, and trying to catch reflections in the water.
Trees, sculptures, old factories, churches…


The sculpture “Bodhi” in the water next to the old cinema “Röda Kvarn” (Moulin Rouge, the Red Mill)



A wonderfully rounded old factory building, following the curve of the river;
and the tower of the town’s oldest church.



Turning round, looking the other way.



The old trees in the Town Park.



Window lights at dusk.


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  1. Beauitiful reflections!
    Have a nice Weekend!

  2. these are amazing, especially the last two and the yellow wedge shaped building with it's reflection. I would be in these places all the time. I remember the Bodhi from years past!

  3. Beautiful images, as always, Monica. Your reflections are always spectacular.

  4. What a nice tour you provide for us in this town... I like the sculpted head immerged in the water : it is very strange, like if someone decide to take a bath forever there...

  5. You are the mistress of reflections. Great as always.

  6. Amazing reflections and locations. Really bring out my urge to travel again! :)

  7. Beautiful collection of pictures... Excellent shots of reflections...I love the second one...

  8. i just wish I was there to walk with you and see all these beautiful buildings with my own two eyes and of course my camera. love that yellow rounded building.. and the reflections are all awesome

  9. What beautiful reflections. The water is so still.

  10. what spectacular sights you have in your town, man-made and natural ones! I would love to stroll through your charming town.

  11. You always make your town look so special. The factory building that follows the curve of the river is wonderful; I recall you showing us it before and I'm not surprised you keep going back to it.

  12. the lights at dusk is my favorite of your photos. guess just because it is different - all of the photos - specially - the reflections.

  13. Wow! I love these reflections!

  14. Beautiful! They all have impact.

  15. A great set of shots. I find the head sticking up out of the water in the moat quite trippy,

  16. A great set of shots. I find the head sticking up out of the water in the moat quite trippy,

  17. Hi. Just wanted to let you know that I chose one of your images from this post in this weeks Friday My Town Shoot Out Spotlights. You can find the selection on the FMTSO group blog.

    Mersad Donko Photography


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