Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Fiery Dragon





Shadow Shot Sunday 2


. . .


And here is taking it a step further…




Friday, 20 September 2013

FMTSO/Skywatch: Blowing in the Wind

Today I decided to do a “proper” Friday Shoot Out, i.e. take the camera out for a walk (on Friday afternoon), to see what I could find blowing in the wind.

The “problem” was, there wasn’t that much of a wind…



Often it’s quite windy on my balcony, but today I could even sit out there reading for a while in the afternoon sun, just wearing jeans and short sleeves. Not bad for 20th September.



Not much for the wind to blow on here! (Don’t ask me why ‘they’ cut everything off this tree. I have no idea. I only noticed it today as I was passing.) As you can see in the background, most trees are still green.



They’ve added a sandbox to the playground since my last visit to this park. But the sand was not blowing about (and that blue carpet is still staying mysteriously put as well).



Possibly a slight flutter of wind through my hair (?)



One “Painted Lady” did indeed flutter about enjoying the flowers. But she hardly had to struggle against the wind.



The rowan berries are red, but the leaves still green.



Some of the maple trees have started to shift colour just a little…


… but the few leaves dropped were lying rather tidily along the edge of the street. (I’m showing off my new shoes.)



Well, finally I found something blowing in the wind!
(Flags belonging to the local electricity & cable company.)

Now I’m curious what others may have found…

Friday My Town Shoot Out – Blowing in the Wind

SkyWatch Friday












Monday, 16 September 2013

Blue Monday, Ruby Tuesday…

About a week ago I found they’d installed some new toys in the playground in a little park I sometimes pass when out walking:


Have to say that what intrigued me most was how on earth (literally) this blue ‘carpet’ stays attached to the gravel ground beneath it.


I also had to try out this purple piano:


I think if I lived “next door” and there were lots of children playing in this park – that sound would soon drive me mad! (Question: Do children NEED outdoors playground toys that make electronic noises? Do parents??)

However, I don’t live that close– and moreover, I can’t recall ever having seen this playground being used in the past, whenever I have happened to pass through there. I wonder if that has changed with the new toys? (There were no children about this time either.)


For Blue Monday and Ruby Tuesday Too.
(And perhaps a Purple Thursday??)

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Weekend Reflections & FSO: Retro




Friday My Town Shoot Out: Retro

Weekend Reflections

It seems very popular just now to be using “retro” and/or vintage items  in shop window displays.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Mandarin Monday: Steam Train


See more of this steam train here: Steam Train Nostalgia

Below I’m playing around a little for Mandarin Monday



The text on the back of his vest says “engine driver”


I like how the features of the people inside the train stood out more when I turned the photos into “drawings”. The man leaning out of the window in the first picture; and the woman standing in the doorway in the second one.



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