Monday, 16 September 2013

Blue Monday, Ruby Tuesday…

About a week ago I found they’d installed some new toys in the playground in a little park I sometimes pass when out walking:


Have to say that what intrigued me most was how on earth (literally) this blue ‘carpet’ stays attached to the gravel ground beneath it.


I also had to try out this purple piano:


I think if I lived “next door” and there were lots of children playing in this park – that sound would soon drive me mad! (Question: Do children NEED outdoors playground toys that make electronic noises? Do parents??)

However, I don’t live that close– and moreover, I can’t recall ever having seen this playground being used in the past, whenever I have happened to pass through there. I wonder if that has changed with the new toys? (There were no children about this time either.)


For Blue Monday and Ruby Tuesday Too.
(And perhaps a Purple Thursday??)


  1. I'm surprised to see that no children are using the park...especially with the tall buildings in the back that must house children. It's sad that the television and computers are more interesting than playing make believe in the sweet little train or riding a dolphin on the high seas. I have an ice cream truck that drives by every day since we moved here two years ago and for about a half hour I hear the same song played over and over. Lol!

  2. Hi Dawn,

    Now you've got me curious: I too wonder how that bright blue carpet stays in place.

    Thanks for sharing this interesting blue.

    Please consider returning and leaving a comment for me.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  3. it is beautiful, but i agree, what they need is things to swing and jump and climb on, they have all the other stuff at home. it is strange to have a carpet there and i to wonder how it stays there.
    we have beautiful parks here, several of them, and i never see children there.

  4. Bright and colourful, creative features in the playground. But I wonder if youngsters still need more "energy" equipment.

  5. This is all really cute! Is this the same park as the butterfly one? No, kids do not need music in an outdoor playground, but it does add another different and fun aspect, especially for kids whose parents don't have pianos. You have a good and mysterious point about the carpet now I really want to KNOW!!! And I am wondering how they will keep all the beautiful white sand clean after so many kids have run all over it. I guess they will add sand as needed.

  6. Why did they build it there if there's no children staying there? I understand about the noise, as there's a playground just next to my apartment, and it can be noisy at times. Good thing I'm on the high floor, so quiet minimal.

  7. It's fun to come back for Ruby Tuesday 2 and read the comments. That carpet is generating a lot of interest!

  8. Thanks all for your comments. Yes Ginny, this playground is in my "butterfly park". As for the carpet I was really mystified myself (I tried poking the edges of it a bit but they were like glued to the ground. But how does one glue anything to sand?!)


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