Friday, 20 September 2013

FMTSO/Skywatch: Blowing in the Wind

Today I decided to do a “proper” Friday Shoot Out, i.e. take the camera out for a walk (on Friday afternoon), to see what I could find blowing in the wind.

The “problem” was, there wasn’t that much of a wind…



Often it’s quite windy on my balcony, but today I could even sit out there reading for a while in the afternoon sun, just wearing jeans and short sleeves. Not bad for 20th September.



Not much for the wind to blow on here! (Don’t ask me why ‘they’ cut everything off this tree. I have no idea. I only noticed it today as I was passing.) As you can see in the background, most trees are still green.



They’ve added a sandbox to the playground since my last visit to this park. But the sand was not blowing about (and that blue carpet is still staying mysteriously put as well).



Possibly a slight flutter of wind through my hair (?)



One “Painted Lady” did indeed flutter about enjoying the flowers. But she hardly had to struggle against the wind.



The rowan berries are red, but the leaves still green.



Some of the maple trees have started to shift colour just a little…


… but the few leaves dropped were lying rather tidily along the edge of the street. (I’m showing off my new shoes.)



Well, finally I found something blowing in the wind!
(Flags belonging to the local electricity & cable company.)

Now I’m curious what others may have found…

Friday My Town Shoot Out – Blowing in the Wind

SkyWatch Friday













  1. who needs wind blowing with all this beauty to photgraph... that flower in the first shot is brilliant and did you see the bee in it? i almost missed it... the tree is really odd..

    1. Yes Sandra I saw the bee as I was taking the photo :)

  2. Yes, your flags were straight out and blowin in the wind. I enjoyed your walk and photos as you went.

  3. nice photo, luv the furl of the flags; have a great Friday

    much love...

  4. Love the colors of the leaves. The best part about autumn.

    Mersad Donko Photography

    1. I love this time of year except for knowing that there will be too many months of colourless winter soon following. But the blaze of autumn before it goes out is awesome.

  5. Monica, these are really amazing! Your first picture of your Clematis with the bee...fantastic!!!! You can even see and almost FEEL the texture of the petals. Your butterfly and blue flowers is my next favorite. I did not snap ONE butterfly this summer! I was to busy being injured, I guess. And also my other favorite is the picture of you,my friend! I love your jacket, and I wish my hair was this shiny and pretty. Maybe they glued the rug down before they brought the sand in??

  6. Hey, your new shoes look remarkably like my new shoes. Every girl needs a pair of red shoes, huh? My favourite shot is the harshly pruned tree, the starkness of it, it's branches robbed of the chance to blow in the wind. Your town is looking really lovely at this time of year. It's always lovely but seems especially appealing right now.

    1. Most of the winter shoes/boots in my wardrobe are black, Pauline, as for one thing black leather is the easiest to keep neat, and for another they go with anything. This also shows in the shoe shops - this time of year, they are filled mostly with varieties of black, too. For once I decided I wanted something a bit different, though - as I already have enough black.

  7. The yellow butterfly on the blue flowers was a lucky shot. As for that tree with everything cut off it, it surely isn't going to have anything blowing in the wind!

  8. You made a fine effort and got some great shots. Job well done.


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