Monday, 28 October 2013

Mandarin Orange Monday: Waiting for the Storm


October 28, 2013 – (Reuters) – 
“Hurricane strength winds battered Britain and the Netherlands on Monday, killing five people, cutting power and forcing the cancellation of hundreds of flights and train journeys before the storm barrelled further into mainland Europe.”


Gusts of up to 99 mph (160 kph) lashed southern England and Wales today in the worst storm recorded in Britain in a decade, while Denmark and Sweden were bracing for the impact there.”


Among other precautions, Sweden has cancelled all passenger trains in the south of the country ahead of the storm's arrival; and people are recommended to stay indoors.
The TV news at 6 pm reported  about 16500 households without electricity so far.


Around where I live we are still waiting for the worst of the storm as I post this.


The last image (with a little help from PicMonkey)
is for Sandra the
Madsnapper… :)

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Mandarin Monday

Thursday, 24 October 2013

FMTSO: A Mystery

I was on my way home from town last Saturday,
when I suddenly saw this rather unusual sight:


Actually, I first met the creature face-on, but it took me a second or two to take in what I was looking at, turn round, and get the camera out of its bag… And by then, I only saw the back of it…

Another second or two to make the decision that even though it was going in the opposite direction from where I had intended to go, I just had to follow and see where it was going!


Perhaps to McD for a burger?!
No… It turned left around the corner.
I almost lost sight of it for a while,
but then I spotted it again… 


…headed for the new playground in the Town Park.
Well, I guess that makes as much sense as anything!



I wonder what the children were thinking?
(I wasn’t close enough to hear any conversation.)

For me, seeing a troll brought back memories.

When I was four years old, my mum enrolled me in an outdoors playgroup called “Troll School”…

2013-10-19 Trollskolan

She left me there, in the wild woods with a bunch of people I’d never met before, and then out came a TROLL… Eeek!

Well, luckily it turned out to be a rather nice one, bringing us ginger biscuits if memory serves me right (and it probably does, because why would I make that up?)

But I still remember being scared when the troll first appeared!



Maybe that’s why (54 years later) I found myself still lacking courage to just walk up to this troll and ask WHAT exactly it was doing in Town this Saturday in October.

However, I did not have to return home still wondering.
I found the answer to the mystery on the playground noticeboard: The Occasion was a Book Release.


The book title: “Jens and the Tree where the Echo lives”.
Jens is a boy’s name so it seems the troll was a little boy troll (even though I could have sworn it to be a girl… but who knows with trolls!)

It seems the author and the illustrator of the book were both visiting our town for a couple of hours this Saturday, selling and signing books in a building near the town park.

Apparently the troll got tired of just waiting around, and decided to go out for a stroll around town instead… :D

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Mandarin Orange Monday: Rowan Berries

Sometimes it’s hard to improve on Nature’s perfection…








Okay, what were these supposed to be, again…?
Oh yes – rowan berries! (LOL)
Here’s the tree:


Playing around for…

Mandarin Orange Monday

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Shadow Shot Sunday: Photographer’s Shadow


tall shadow watches
the golden leaves one by one
dropping to the ground

Saturday, 19 October 2013

October Skies

All photos in this post are from the last ten days or so.
October so far has been mostly sunny.


The first two shots were shot around 4 pm, directly against the sun, very low over the horizon that time of day now. 



Actually it does not rise very high even at midday now:



Some days, not a cloud to be seen in the sky:



Other days, it’s the sun that goes into hiding:



Sunset clouds from my balcony (6 pm on October 11th):



And morning mist lifting the next day around 8:15
(as seen from my kitchen window):



SkyWatch Friday

Friday Fences

Friday, 11 October 2013

Skywatch/Treewatch Friday

After a cloudy/rainy week, we had an amazing blue sky again today. And still some leaves left on the trees… :)



Skywatch Friday




Thursday, 10 October 2013

FMTSO: Handwriting

Walking across a cemetery near where I live this week, I happened to notice a gravestone where the names had been copied from the handwriting of the ones buried there:


The two resting in this grave are unknown to me; but seeing their signatures engraved on the stone like that led my thoughts to my own ancestors.

This the handwriting of my great-grandfather Samuel:

2013-07-23 Samuels Postilla, M Luther's Book of Sermons1

… found in this book …


… which is not a Bible but a selection of sermons by Martin Luther, printed in 1861.

The book was given to (or possibly bought by) my great-grandfather Samuel (born 1837) and his first wife Anna Sophia, in connection with their marriage in 1866.

Translated into English, the inscription to the left reads:


Belongs to
S. Emanuelsson & Anna Sophia Emanuelsson
Lord, Lead Us in Thy Truth for Thy Name’s Sake

In 1866 on 27th January we were united as husband and wife here on Earth. Oh faithful Jesus, keep us always in Thy love, that in the end we may celebrate the eternal Wedding with Thee in Heaven .


Samuel was 31 years old when they got married, and his wife 28. They got nine children together – the nine first names on the list to the right. Two of the girls died when they were only about 8-9 years old.

2013-07-23 Samuels Postilla, M Luther's Book of Sermons

Anna Sophia died in 1894, aged 57 (only a few months after the death of her youngest daughter). Four years later, in 1898, Samuel got remarried to a young widow, Selma – my great-grandmother.

2012_03_04 Samuel o Selma

Selma also had one daughter from her first marriage (not included in the list in the Book).

Together, they had two more children. Their first, Sally, born 1900, was my paternal grandmother.

From my childhood, I remember (from my grandparents’ home) the portrait of the stern-looking man holding the note in his hand:


It always seemed a little odd to me, and I never knew the background, until after the death of my own father a few years ago. Among his notes on family history, I found an article written about Samuel by another relative. It seems that in 1884, Samuel was involved in the founding of a free mission covenant church (and was vice-chairman for a while). My guess is that the photo was taken in this context, and that the prayer on the note was their motto. (As far as I know, it’s the only photograph that exists of Samuel. If my assumptions about the occasion are correct, it would be showing him at age 47 or so, which seems about right.)

Samuel died in 1907. My grandmother grew up on the farm where she was born, together with her mother, her younger brother, and two or three of her older half-siblings (in a village not far from the town where I live).


[These photos – except the first one - have previously been shown in my family history blog Greetings from the Past.]

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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Outdoor Wednesday: Autumn Colours

I’ve been out walking in the rain a lot this week… The colours in nature just now actually do not seem to even need the sun! The photos below are all from today and “straight out of the camera” (some of them cropped a little, but no colour editing).

CIMG7185 CIMG7180


(In case anyone wonders, the first three pictures are from a cemetery.)



CIMG7243 CIMG7251

Outdoor Wednesday

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