Saturday, 19 October 2013

October Skies

All photos in this post are from the last ten days or so.
October so far has been mostly sunny.


The first two shots were shot around 4 pm, directly against the sun, very low over the horizon that time of day now. 



Actually it does not rise very high even at midday now:



Some days, not a cloud to be seen in the sky:



Other days, it’s the sun that goes into hiding:



Sunset clouds from my balcony (6 pm on October 11th):



And morning mist lifting the next day around 8:15
(as seen from my kitchen window):



SkyWatch Friday

Friday Fences


  1. changing light each day changes the way the photos look, i love that church and the stone fence is just beautiful. the first photo is my favorite, the fence and barbwire against that beautiful sky is a story all by itself...

  2. I. Agree with Sandra except the other way around the clouds and barbed wire is wonderful, but the photo of the yellow tree / red church / and blue sky is my favorite (even without a cloud). Great collection.

  3. Fantastic. I love the contrast that shows the vulnerability of clouds against the ragged barbed wire.

  4. What a beautiful post today!! I love the way the barbed wire looks up against the sky. My next favorite is the wonderful church with the stone wall, that would make such a beautiful postcard, don't you think?

  5. Like the others, I love that barbed wire fence which to me represents restraint against the freedom of the clouds. But with the darkness of the fence reflected in the clouds. That is a wonderfully dramatic shot, takes my breath away!

  6. You've captured clouds nicely. My favourites are the beautiful church shining in the Sun & the last photo (view from your kitchen). I live in a city which doesnt have so much of open space. :)


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