Thursday, 24 October 2013

FMTSO: A Mystery

I was on my way home from town last Saturday,
when I suddenly saw this rather unusual sight:


Actually, I first met the creature face-on, but it took me a second or two to take in what I was looking at, turn round, and get the camera out of its bag… And by then, I only saw the back of it…

Another second or two to make the decision that even though it was going in the opposite direction from where I had intended to go, I just had to follow and see where it was going!


Perhaps to McD for a burger?!
No… It turned left around the corner.
I almost lost sight of it for a while,
but then I spotted it again… 


…headed for the new playground in the Town Park.
Well, I guess that makes as much sense as anything!



I wonder what the children were thinking?
(I wasn’t close enough to hear any conversation.)

For me, seeing a troll brought back memories.

When I was four years old, my mum enrolled me in an outdoors playgroup called “Troll School”…

2013-10-19 Trollskolan

She left me there, in the wild woods with a bunch of people I’d never met before, and then out came a TROLL… Eeek!

Well, luckily it turned out to be a rather nice one, bringing us ginger biscuits if memory serves me right (and it probably does, because why would I make that up?)

But I still remember being scared when the troll first appeared!



Maybe that’s why (54 years later) I found myself still lacking courage to just walk up to this troll and ask WHAT exactly it was doing in Town this Saturday in October.

However, I did not have to return home still wondering.
I found the answer to the mystery on the playground noticeboard: The Occasion was a Book Release.


The book title: “Jens and the Tree where the Echo lives”.
Jens is a boy’s name so it seems the troll was a little boy troll (even though I could have sworn it to be a girl… but who knows with trolls!)

It seems the author and the illustrator of the book were both visiting our town for a couple of hours this Saturday, selling and signing books in a building near the town park.

Apparently the troll got tired of just waiting around, and decided to go out for a stroll around town instead… :D

For Friday My Town Shoot Out – A Mystery




  1. this is super cool, so glad you found the troll, you were adorable and i would have been terrified. mother could not leave me anywhere even when i was in my teens... i always had a fear of being left and her not coming back... i loved this post...great job

  2. I TOTALLY cracked up laughing at the sight of that first picture, it is hilarious! I mean... to picture you just walking around, then come upon THIS!!! Well, the humor f it reminded me back to the red dress! And then that you would FOLLOW!!!! Well done! This post has mystery and is fun, one of your best! And is that really little you? You are just adorable!!!!! Not many kids can tell a story about being left in a Troll woods!

  3. This made me smile you really follow the troll hehe. I get excited too while following the photos thankfully it end up really nice a book for kids is awesome! Great series of photos!


  4. This is fantastic. Well worth following.

  5. I like how you followed and got more photos of an unusual event.

  6. Thanks all for your comments! :)

  7. yes I enjoyed your photos, and the story it tails. ;))
    the photos are clear and tell a distinct story. I liked looking at the faces of the adults, they were more interesting then the kids in the play yard. great post.

  8. I enjoyed that little story!

  9. Ahh, in one post you have all the elements of a fine mystery! Even the flashback and excellently illustrated into the bargain. I missed this week, out of town, no computer, too busy to find one.


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