Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Outdoor Wednesday: Autumn Colours

I’ve been out walking in the rain a lot this week… The colours in nature just now actually do not seem to even need the sun! The photos below are all from today and “straight out of the camera” (some of them cropped a little, but no colour editing).

CIMG7185 CIMG7180


(In case anyone wonders, the first three pictures are from a cemetery.)



CIMG7243 CIMG7251

Outdoor Wednesday


  1. Oh gosh these are just beautiful, and no editing! The last two are my favorite, especially the magnificent orange tree on the left.

  2. Superb colour. You are a week or so in front of us. These are well worth getting wet for.

  3. Gorgeous colors!! Visiting from Outdoor Wednesday.

    Jocelyn @

  4. i can't believe how great these came out in the rain... they are all beautiful and i hope you go back on a sunny day and shoot them again. those trees are just magnificent and i love cemetery's

    1. Autumn offers no second chances, Sandra... Whether sun or rain, no trees look the same from one day to the next this time of year, as they keep dropping their leaves by the minute!


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