Monday, 28 October 2013

Mandarin Orange Monday: Waiting for the Storm


October 28, 2013 – (Reuters) – 
“Hurricane strength winds battered Britain and the Netherlands on Monday, killing five people, cutting power and forcing the cancellation of hundreds of flights and train journeys before the storm barrelled further into mainland Europe.”


Gusts of up to 99 mph (160 kph) lashed southern England and Wales today in the worst storm recorded in Britain in a decade, while Denmark and Sweden were bracing for the impact there.”


Among other precautions, Sweden has cancelled all passenger trains in the south of the country ahead of the storm's arrival; and people are recommended to stay indoors.
The TV news at 6 pm reported  about 16500 households without electricity so far.


Around where I live we are still waiting for the worst of the storm as I post this.


The last image (with a little help from PicMonkey)
is for Sandra the
Madsnapper… :)

and of course also for

Mandarin Monday


  1. 1st, stunning leading photo! 2nd, the storm you're anticipating sounds like Super Storm Sandy that hit our east coast earlier this year. The devastation on the Jersey shore is incredible. High hopes the storm whittles down soon. sending prayers to you right now

  2. Hope you're going to be okay and won't have to lose electricity! Better check on my son who's studying in Holland. Stay warm, and wishing the best!

  3. thanks for my picmonkey fix.. and the orange is beautiful, i like all the edits... i hope you keep your power on... and i am thinking the beautiful leaves will all be on the ground from the wind.. be safe

  4. I am starting to get worried now. But usually they have to talk about the worst just to cover themselves. Maybe by the time it gets to you, it will be a bit worn down. I LOVE this picture, the original and the Halloweenish things you have done with it!! I wish I could do stuff like this! I am off for the next day or so, but will be checking on you. If there are no new posts, I will assume you have no power.

  5. I hope by now that the storm has passed without causing too much damage! Your pics are is impossible for me to choose a favourite! Thanks for sharing on MoM#65:)

  6. Thanks all for your comments! :) The worst of the storm passed by here around 10 pm last night. Did not cause too much damage in this neighbourhood I think - worse further south and along the coast. But no deaths reported. Lots of precautions were taken to prevent accidents, like cancelling all trains in southern Sweden, and closing certain bridges etc, even before the storm arrived.

  7. This is about the time of year the East Coast of US had a bad storm too. I hope all is well.


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