Monday, 7 October 2013

Ruby Tuesday


Straight out of my mobile phone camera (no editing) – glorious autumn colours in a parking lot in town.

And Good News – it seems InLinkz is suddenly “back on” for me (after having been invisible for me for two or three weeks, on any website using that linking service).

I never managed to figure out what was wrong, and have no idea how I got them back either.  

While I can still see them, I take the opportunity to link to
Ruby Tuesday :)


  1. those flaming trees are just mind blowing to me.. and so is the fact your link magically appeared again. lots of woo woo woo woo going on with our computer aliens.

  2. The photo is stunning! Such beautiful color! Congrats on getting your link back!

  3. GORGEOUS! And it almost looks like each car is wearing a hat of leaves...

  4. Ahh, those colours are so beautiful. We just don't get autumn colours like that here.

    1. Pauline, you could have any colour you like if I edited them.

  5. Monica, I'm envious. The damn trees here won't change. Friday they will but I won't be here. There is always next year.


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