Saturday, 14 September 2013

Weekend Reflections & FSO: Retro




Friday My Town Shoot Out: Retro

Weekend Reflections

It seems very popular just now to be using “retro” and/or vintage items  in shop window displays.


  1. Great shots...I really like it...reflection is fabulous...

  2. Nice catch on this display ! I like how shadow and light work together to create such a lovely picture.

  3. i sat and stared a long time at both of these, there is so much to see in each one. the last one the reflections of the building are great... this is how the windows used to look when i was a child and we wandered along window shopping. we had no money and no camera, but i do remember them. these photos are memory joggers for me.

  4. Wow every good photos. Love them. The peace sign has had several revisions in popularity for sure. Missed you last week as I didn't post either. Could not get anything for foods together.

  5. The first reflection is like a very complex bit of blending. It's very effective.

  6. These pictures are very cool! I spent a long tie looking at the first one, trying to sort things out, then the second picture shows exactly what is what!


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