Friday, 17 February 2012

Friday My Town: ♥ Hearts ♥

2012_02_12 Valentine cards

How can it be Friday again already? And what was the FMTSO theme of the week again? Something to do with Valentine’s day, wasn’t it… Ah, hearts. Hearts?! The only hearts that keep popping to mind are the old Valentines cards I already published on my TWO other blogs this week. I can’t use those cards AGAIN – or can I? Oops, I just did! One of those playing-around things that only works on black blog background… (A Picasa collage also using black background.)

However, on this blog that’s cheating (I’m rather strict with myself) because those cards were scanned, not photographed. So I had to come up with something else. Grabbed my camera when I went out to slip slide myself over to the grocery shop… hoping for a miracle…


Sorry to disappoint you. No miracle turned up. I had to create it myself, using my own two feet.

Later, at home, going into my study to do this blog post, and thinking that I don’t seem to have a single heart-shaped object in my home… my eyes fell on my desk:


Actually … (What is this, honesty week?!) … I confess to a bit of styling for the photo, though. Putting the pile of paperwork out of sight, removing a bunch of boring receipts collected in this thing, and putting in some nice postcards that I just bought yesterday instead…

♥ Cordial Greetings to you all! ♥


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  1. there is no rule it cant be created, this is really creative and even the post card flowers are heart shaped. you done good

  2. Sandra, It's my own rule for my Picture Book to only use my own pictures on this blog - and strictly speaking, a scanned postcard is not a photo... On the other hand, by doing a collage, it could count as my own creation... I'm just being "silly", I've made exceptions before. It's just guidelines for myself: On the Beyond blog I use a mix of sources; but the Picture book was created for my own photography.

  3. Good on you creating your own heart. If another meme calls for another card, you can make a snow angel heart. No snow here, I think I will make a sand angels. lol.

    Thanks for the tip about the verification. I am more robotic , I went to "help" and found no join and didn't go to comments. I knew it was there because i put it in there years ago.

    Thanks, if everyone removed it, blogger should think seriously about tht.

  4. I love your footprints heart in the snow. To me it is joyful as I have this mental image of you tramping around putting it there and if I'd seen you I would have thought what a happy person you are.

    You styled the last shot beautifully!

  5. This is a very cool and unusual heart shaped paper holder! But my favorite is the big heart you made with your feet!!!! Wow!!! I may have to steal this idea from you, but promise not to make a heart!

  6. I think you did perfect. I believe in my own photos too but creativity comes in a lot of ways. The heart in the snow is perfect. Great job.

  7. One got to be creative when it comes to photography, if can't find one naturally, create one!! Love that heart shape you made on the snow , I was thinking of drawing a heart on a beach and photographing that, but didn't go to the beach. Since I got quiet a few in my archive, I just use that.

  8. Ah, such honesty with the cards and such creativity with the snow. Sometimes you just gotta kick your own muse awake. I don't know why I said that -- in a similar situation, I'd just babble and whine about why I don't have any pictures. Kudos for getting up, going out in the snow and making one.


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