Monday, 1 July 2013

Mandarin Orange Monday


A couple of weeks at a wedding in the Museum Park (see post at my other blog) I spotted this orange & green car (coming to deliver something for the catering, I think).

I “took it for a spin” especially for Mandarin Monday Winking smile








  1. amd wow what a spin you spun! i love the last one and all of them are shades of orange... cute little bug of a car

  2. Frightened me Monica....takes some doing. I'll roll a spliff and have another look.

  3. Cool work! Hope you could also share this on OYGIF.

  4. Wow wow wow! I think I would order anything from this car! What is your editing program here, LOVE it! And I think I remember, you have posted that awesome bell in the past?

  5. There's a lot of effort there by the look of it.

  6. Wow! What a spin! Fantastic editing and images. I can 't even choose a favourite... perhaps the last one because it is so complex? Thank you so much for sharing them on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  7. Thanks all for your comments. The editing was all done with various "shortcut" tools in Picasa 3 and not as complicated as it may look - even if I used several different tools with each variety here. I would not be able to retrace my steps exactly ;) I just play around until I think it looks good (or interesting)


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