Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Red Currants


CIMG5791-001  CIMG5792-001

Probably the last berry harvest from our garden at my parents’ old place.


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  1. I love currants, and the last photo, a macro of the berries, with the background blurred, is especially appealing. Thank you!

    Red Macro Miracle Flower

  2. These currants with the sun shining through them are amazingly beautiful! And that one on the right in the sun, oh my. This must be what the fruit looked like in the Garden of Eden!! What will you do with them? Can you just eat them like they are?

    1. Yes you can eat them just as they are, fresh off the bush... Not too many perhaps, they are a bit sour. We only have one good bush left and the 1½-2 litres that I picked (the week before last) I've put in my freezer. I will use them in cakes or pies or perhaps mixed with other fruit in desserts etc. In the past mum used to make jelly or cordial (and I did too sometimes; I never had "my own" bushes, but sometimes a friend let me pick berries from hers).

  3. i have never seen currants growing on a bush or tree, they are really pretty... the only ones i have seen are dark like raisins, so maybe they were dried... i love the way the sun makes them glow like jewels

  4. They look luminous in that beautiful sunshine! What a beautiful sight!

  5. I really enjoy these with yogurt. Make the most of them.


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