Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday My Town: Fences And Gates

For a change, I decided to actually go for a camera-walk with the specific Friday Shoot Out theme for this week in mind: Fences and gates!

You’ll be following me on one of the routes I walk quite frequently.


First, we cross this footbridge over the railway.
It has fences or railings too high to lean out over.



Getting off the bridge, we turn right and walk along the railway. They put up this fence some years ago to prevent people (mostly school kids) from using an unofficial shortcut path to cross the railway. Of course that section of the fence didn’t last more than one day… I don’t think anyone even made an attempt to replace it, as it would no doubt just be taken down again the next day night. Putting up the fence was an offical statement: “We don’t want you to cross here because it’s dangerous.” Leaving the gap in the fence is an unofficial statement: “At your own risk!”

(I’m old enough now not to be too fond of steep and slippery paths… So I do take the longer way round!)



As a contrast, on the opposite side of the road, there is a gate without a fence, leading into an old cemetry. (They’ve just been taking down the old fence and hedge, and are planting a new hedge.)



A bit further on, we turn right and take a footpath between some apartment buildings down to the river. Along which there is a rusty metal fence.



There’s also a footbridge across the river...



… just beneath the railway bridge.



Reaching the end of the footbridge, there is a kind of gate to slow us down and stop us from rushing out in the street without looking.


 CIMG8137 CIMG8138

Across the road from the supermarket, they’re building new apartment houses. The building site is surrounded by fences and gates.



Let’s take another route back, so that I can show you this impressive old iron gate set in a stone wall.



And on the other side of the road, an elaborate iron fence topped with barbed wire. The building is an old factory, nowadays offices. The sign over this entrance says “The Migration Board”. Can’ help but think the fence might feel a bit intimidating for immigrants approaching the building from this direction…



When they put up this fence and got to the end, they got creative…



This time we cross the river by the ‘big’ bridge.



There is a dam with a waterfall beneath this bridge; and on both sides there are steps leading down to the water. There are fences to keep you from falling in, of course!



On the other side of the road, they’ve recently built a new playground, with a net fence to stop the kids from running out into the street.



Walking along the railway again, approaching home… The footbridge from the first picture is just behind those bushes.





  1. I'm catching my breath now, I am just tired out, that was a long walk! You do walk a long way! But what a glorious walk it is!!!! I love the light in pictures 4 and 5!! And the wonderful shadows on the last one. I love your shot of the railway bridge, the double gate shadow, and that amazing iron fence!! The end of it looks like a chunk of the sun with rays splashing out.

  2. Such a lot of fences and gates....I do like the gate with no fence, I wonder if people still open it or if they go round instead. Rusty railing river shot is great.

  3. lovely - you do a perfect MY TOWN photo story. I love the bright yellow green in the photo of the river with its rusty fence. I always thought that the staggard gate was to keep bikes and motormikes from using the foot path. enjoyed.

    1. You're probably partly right about the gate, it is a footbridge and you're not supposed to cycle over it. But the bridge also ends in a zebra crossing with masked view to both sides and even on foot one needs to be careful when crossing the road there.

  4. I love the shot of the river with the rusty metal fence! :)

  5. I think I'd forget about any weight I was carrying (from the shopping, as well as body cargo) on that walk back home. They are all such great photos, I decided to sit here and close my eyes and see which image came back to me. It was the iron fence with the wire on top. Probably because the combination jarred. A great shot, though.

  6. do you have naughty kids dropping stones over the bridge?

  7. The old gate and stone wall, that's my favorite because they are so beautiful.

  8. i am sooooo sooooo jealous. there is nothing here to compare. these are all awesome and all my favorites today. what a walk, wish i had been with you. i need to do what you did, take a walk with a theme in mind, but i would have to drive somewhere to do it

  9. The fences along the river are my favorite. Really love that shot of the footpath between the apartment buildings.

  10. This is the most enjoyable walk I've had in a long time. The scenery is beautiful, the gates, fences and trails are a sight to see. Love your post this week. (as I do every week) I think I like the iron fence with the barbed wire the best but my favorite pics are the ones with lots of greenery and water in them.

  11. A wonderful collection for the prompt. Love the one of the river.

  12. Your gate without a fence cracked me up. What beautfiul views and colors you captured along the way.


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