Friday, 4 May 2012

Friday My Town: Public Transportation


“In the good old days…”



In the winter we take the bus.



 In fine weather we walk – and that includes the
King and Queen! (from their visit on Sept 1, 2011)



I wouldn’t normally include motorcycles in “public” transportation – but when there are hundreds of them together in the town square on one occasion, I do think they must count!







  1. Hi Dawn Treader! Great that you got a photo of the King and Queen :)

    I liked all your photos and ideas for transportation!

  2. absolutely perfect in every way. I love the people walking, that is true public transportation and the first photo is wonderful. I love that photo and the lady in the green dress.

  3. Such a great selection - great to see a king walking. And I love the olden days except I'm not sure how old rubber tires are. The bus station is great if you can climb over the snow to get to it. And motorcycles, of course, varoooom.... Great post in every way as Sandra said.

  4. Love how you weave your pictures together to tell the story of public transportation. Great shots.

  5. yes to all of the above Plus my own thought - I like the special effect of the motorcycle photos makes them unique and interesting.
    I don't know why public transportation has to be buses, trains, or planes.... the shoot out page said 'What are the people movers in your town" what moves your people - brasilians it is samba music. what moves your poeple - their feet, what moves your people mountain climbing.... see. great post.

  6. I love the horse and cart as transportation. I can't believe that your buses function in that snow. In this country it all grinds to a halt with less than four inches of snow.

  7. I wonder if the pace of life was really slower in the horse-drawn days or whether it is simply our imaginations. It certainly seems as though it must have been and when I see anything like that I think of leisurely unworried days.

  8. I agree with GingerV I took the idea of what moves people in my town and it is not always wheels. Great job you did. I love the motorcycles.

  9. I do love that first picture, but all those bikes are a real sight, too. Bikers can be some of the nicest people you will meet! Despite all that leather.

  10. Great set of photos! I'm not sure I'd want to go back to horse-drawn carriages, but I think I'd like the slower pace. Well, at least until I needed to get somewhere in a hurry!

  11. Oh my goodness, that snow! Amazing! I'm wondering what the motor bikes do in that kind of snow. Do the riders switch to skidoos?

  12. Really nice pictures. I love the first one! :)

  13. Great that you found something from the good old days! It's hard for me to imagine getting to the bus stop with all that snow around, I'm sure I'd hibernate. I really like the treatment you gave the motorbike shots, too.

  14. I love all your photos! interesting as always.

  15. I like the good old days.


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