Friday, 11 May 2012

Friday My Town: Silhouettes

Resorting to my Archives again – this week has not offered the right kind of weather for silhouette photography!

Unfortunately, I have no “tags” saying silhouettes either, so my finds are kind of random. But these photos are all from the past winter, November 2011 – March 2012.


Sunrise (from my kitchen window)


Sunset (from my balcony)


Bird Conference in November
(presumably on the topic of Going South)


“No Admittance”



Pine trees by the lake (February)


Winter Sun


Tree with birds nests in the Town Park
(and sculpture “Upside Down”)




Torchlight procession in November
(when switching on the Christmas lights in town)


  1. great finds in your archives - they truly show off your town. love the bird conference and the pine trees. great photos.

  2. Great shots indeed. I like the bird conference. I have one of those but not as many birds.

  3. that sunset is beyond spectacular. I love love the tree with the sculpture under it. all of these are really beautiful and perfect

  4. There are wonderful!!! The first four are my favorite. The sky ones are beautiful!!!! And the birds in this tree with the bare, weeping branches...oh that may be the best, it seems so symbolic to me of so many things...and how you captured the moon, so small and far away, in between the spikes of that gate!!!!! This is one of my favorite posts of yours, for sure!

  5. The pine trees by the lake is my favourite. It reminds me of my father who loved taking those sort of pictures through the trees against the sun.

  6. Love your sunrise and sunset photos, and those pine trees are really beautiful silhouettes :)

  7. Gorgeous sunset view from your house,I love that best! I always dig into my archive as I have the tendency to photograph everything during a photo walk and they always come in handy for the photo-meme.

  8. These are GREAT! I have a sunrise from my kitchen window too! :) The bird conference is SO cool...

  9. These are terrific. The bird conference stands out for me, closely followed by "No Admittance" . But when I scroll back through them again, they are all winners! A fab shoot out!

  10. You always have great shots to share with us. I like the pine trees by the lake, however, that bird conference is stunning. The color of the sky is so different. I think that's what makes the picture.

  11. great choice for this theme. I like the second shot, gorgeous color!

  12. Absolutely beautiful captures. Hard to pick a favourite one.

  13. I love the bird conference for theme, subject, composition, color -- but the bird nests also have such a great feeling (both warm and cold at the same time, somehow) and the exquisite low lighting...I also used to feel guilty about hitting the archive so much until I realized that the moment we upload the camera into the computer files the shots are in the archive...time is flexible.


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