Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday My Town – Skylines

“Do you see prairies,  sky scrapers or something in between when you view your skyline?”


The panorama view above is from today – a skyline I get to look at quite often, walking to/from the supermarket.

The closest I come to seeing a ‘prairie’ would be the football field on one side of my building, I suppose – and maybe the tall chimney sticking up may count as sky-scraper?


▲ Misty morning today when I set off out...

▼ Below is the view as I approached home again on my way back from the supermarket. (I chose to go round in a circle today, one way there, and another way back.)


Having a chimney on the horizon might not seem like a lot of fun – but it can be! (a winter collage from 2010) ▼

2010-02 collage skorsten 4

Another of my nearby skylines consists of the tall trees in an old cemetery:


From my kitchen window, the skyline looks different depending on the time of year ▼


In the winter, the view includes buildings that are hidden from me in the summer. Although I prefer the greens of summer … I also like it that I see farther in the winter! ▼


▲ Winter sunrise and Moonrise ▼


Friday My Town Shoot Out – Skylines

Skywatch Friday










  1. i like the way they change with the season where you are, and sometimes the skyline includes that soft white stuff we never get here. i could find a skyline to match almost all of these, if i went out and looked. we have no praries or sky scrapers but lots of different skylines like you have

  2. I agree with Adrian, the first one is a gem. Also love your collage of the chimney, very creative! And your stark winter trees make for an interesting skyline, too.

  3. I love the beautiful views from where you live!!!What a creative photo with the black and white. Very cool.

  4. I love these, especially the first looks like a painting! Beautiful.

  5. My views are as different as yours. I love a good chimney and that collage is truly fun.

  6. Beautiful view, so totally opposite from my skyline- too many 'concrete' jungle!

  7. Great views all around where you live. I love the first panoramic shot! :)

  8. I just love that wide angle photo at the top. So glad it was picked as a spotlight.


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