Saturday, 23 March 2013

Friday My Town: Childhood Pleasures


Climbing up on things. Just because you can!


I’m guessing some taller people were required
to get the Easter Bunny up there, though.


Friday Saturday My Town Shoot Out


  1. What is that tree for? It looks good and so does the little girl. A great image for colour popping,

  2. The same purpose as a Christmas tree, Adrian. Whatever that is... :) It is an old tradition here to take in branches of birch for Easter, and decorate them with coloured feathers, and eggs. To put up a big tree like this in the town square for Easter is a later tradition though. In this town, I don't think it goes back more than a decade or so - if even that long. All part of an extra effort in later years to draw more people to the town centre... Good for business!

  3. this tree is totally cool! and i love he bunny hanging out on the branch... those chairs will last forever...

  4. Climbing things - just because they are there. That sounds like Ivy's philosophy at the moment.

  5. That tree doesn't need a purpose, it brings pleasure, that would be enough for me. I can imagine a child's delight when they spot the bunny!

  6. I LOVE this feathery Easter Tree!!!

  7. What a fabulous dressed-up Easter tree. Not just for kids! I like it too!

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