Friday, 15 March 2013

Friday My Town: “I Remember When…”


I remember when “my town” meant a different town than the one where I live now… During my twenties I lived in Karlstad on the northern shore of Lake Vänern. The willow tree leaning out over the river Klarälven was my landmark for where to turn into my street from the walk along the river. The tree is no longer there, I discovered on a visit years after I’d moved away. In my memory it will always be, though!



Neither are they floating timber down the river any more.
(Didn’t I post this photo just recently?!)



Me (to the left) and a friend back in the mid 1980s, also in the neighbourhood where I lived. Not my house in the background but one very similar.

Photos taken with my old Olympus XA2…

… Oh, now I remember… I did post that middle photo just recently! For the FMTSO theme “me and my cameras”.
(In the early 2000’s, I had a half-random choice of about 250 negatives from between 1984-2000 transferred to a “memory” CD – some kind of special offer, I think. Also copied into an easy-access folder on my computer…)

So what camera am I holding then, in that photo above? Deduction: It must belong to the invisible other friend who was using mine…


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  1. all my memoory photos are in the cabinet in books, and from my child hood they are 500 miles away, my niece has the chest full of family pics.... i like going back in time and seeing you and what you saw back then.

  2. I have 45 photo albums with my own photos, glued onto the pages and with notes... And that's just MY personal albums, not counting the ones inherited...

  3. I love crooked trees and usually snap them whenever I see one. I LOVE the picture of you and friend from years ago! And of course with camera in hand even then!

  4. Love seeing your and your friend Monica. Great shot of the tree. Kept for all posterity.

  5. Places, people and memories....thanks to cameras. How different would our memories be without them I wonder? Love the leaning willow shot!

  6. Without cameras I would never remember anything! I love to go through old photos, of me, my parents or friends:)

  7. Geez I have photos in shoe boxes and need to sort them, but isn't that a problem with everyone, in most places LOL I will enjoy keeping up with you. Its one country we have not made it, well me, hubs has been there.


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