Friday, 26 April 2013

FMTSO: Sweet Tooth


Last Sunday I had my first outdoors “fika” this year…
Tea and a cupcake at the café in our Museum Park.

”Fika” in Swedish means a coffee/tea break – besides the hot drink of your choice it also usually includes something to nibble on. Traditionally something sweet…


If no cake, perhaps a piece of chocolate?


Find more temptations here:
Friday My Town Shoot Out – Sweet Tooth


  1. it makes a beautiful photo and i like that cup, like a flower pot with a handle. yum on that chocolate...

  2. I like the cup too! the chocolate is calling to me from your photo! yum! however, this week I did bake blueberry muffins (Duncan brand) with a crumb top for our social at Bible Study. I ate one the night before to make sure they tasted good. they did! I limited myself to only one! now patting myself on the back! insert big grin here too!

  3. I don't mind have that chocolate now!

  4. You know, I don't think we have a name for this kind of snack. My great grandfather, who came here from Scotland, used to call them "tasty bites".

  5. Your photos are fantastic, not only do you make the sweets look good, you make us want to hang it on our walls.

  6. That second shot is amazing in color, composition and the textures it shows. Like what do I know.

  7. Would I be greedy if I took both? Looking good over here!

  8. I love Lindt - I haven't had it in years and had forgotten all about it. Licking my lips now...

  9. I love Lindt too and the way you photographed the square is very nice.


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