Thursday, 9 May 2013

FMTSO: Graffiti


Illicit modern graffiti



Commissioned graffiti (not only approved of, but paid for)



Ancient graffiti – Bronze Age rock carvings
(Not my town, but my photo – from the early 1990’s)

The rock carvings at Vitlycke, Tanumshede [in the province of Bohuslän, on the west coast] are among the best known in Sweden, and attract hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. People began making the carvings here in the late Bronze Age, about 1800 B.C. Over the following centuries, people returned to create new carvings on this religious site, and the last carvings were made just before the birth of Christ.

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  1. Each one of these is really awesome in it's own way!!! Even the little rabbit is so cute and makes me smile. Do you have very much graffiti there? I have a whole picture folder of it, we have lots. So it is really interesting to see some in Sweden.

    1. Yes Ginny, some places are rather badly infested with it I'm afraid... Especially certain suburb areas and dull concrete structures like bridges and tunnels. Usually it's just ugly or obscene. I spend more time trying to avoid it in my photos rather than documenting it :)

  2. Great post, Monica. It shows the evolution of this form of art beautifully.

  3. that rabbit made me smile that whomever drew it thought they had to write what it is.. love the horses and would like to see the rock carvings in person.

  4. I was hoping someone would have some ancient graffiti. And yours is really ancient! Love your painted horses, vibrant and cheerful.

    1. For some reason I happened to have the rabbit and the rock carvings together in a folder already, I suppose the theme graffiti must have come up before somewhere over my blogging years... Yes I suppose the instinct in our humans to leave a permanent mark on things must have been around for a really long time :)

  5. Great to see the comparison! I like the ancient graffiti best.

  6. Yes I remember have the theme before. I could find none in my little town and did not find any this time. I like the ancient also.


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