Friday, 31 May 2013

FMTSO: Vintage

My week got fuller than I expected with emergency visits to the dentist and whatnot, and I forgot or had no time or energy left to go photo hunting for ‘new’ vintage things…

However, back at Easter I briefly visited an antique shop in the countryside and snapped a few photos of what was on display outside. I think I blogged one or two of the photos before but don’t remember when/where… never mind.


The spinning wheel high up on the wall looked remarkably like one we have in ‘The House’ (my parents’ old place). Obviously ours is not unique then… Was green a common colour for spinning wheels?


Rusty old milk cans.


Sign promoting fire protection.


What’s on the menu?
(“Välkommen” means “welcome”)


Noah’s Ark (I presume)

For Friday My Town Shoot Out


  1. No idea what colour spinning wheels are supposed to be but the Milk churns are wonderfully lit.

  2. haha on the Noah's ark.... love it. my favorite is the fire truck, that is so cool, looks like it is about to drive out of the sign

  3. My favorite is the spinning wheel, it makes me think of Rumpelstiltskin. We have a fabulous series, "Once Upon A Time", with all the fairy tale characters in it, all modernized into a breathtaking drama with great special effects.

  4. I love the milk cans - and the scene in which they sit. Wonderfully rustic and vintage!

  5. Ha! That does kind of remind one of Noah's Ark. I enjoy your vintage finds.

  6. Monica, I have seen several spinning wheels - not ever one that seemed painted. but I always love them - maybe this is where I got the idea that I need a loom. Today, after knowing you byway of FSO for several years, I went to your profile to read about you. So surprised that you are practically my age.... From your writing I was seeing a young woman. your ideas are fresh and crisp, there is no limit to the distance the mind can travel. Ginger

  7. meant to mention that the sing looks 3 demensional - must be a process they used. was it printed or painted?


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