Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday My Town: Symmetry

CIMG5604-1   CIMG5246-1

▲ Reflection symmetry ▲

▼ Nature’s symmetry ▼


▼ Butterfly Symmetry ▼


▲ One Red Admiral, one Small Tortoiseshell ▲



▲ Red Admiral ▲

▼ Small Tortoiseshell ▼



▼ Man-made symmetry: ▼

CIMG4768-1  CIMG4769-1

▲ Medieval ribbon-weaving shown at the Textile Museum ▲



▲ Kaleidoscope Symmetry ▲
made by me in Corel Paint Shop Pro X
▼ from these autumn leaves ▼


▼ Couples Symmetry▼


Sea lions at the Zoo – in perfect sync!



This pair of grandparents (I assume)
seemed pretty much synchronized too!


I wish you all a nicely balanced weekend!


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  1. found a lot to share! Love these, there are too many to favorite, for me :) Although, the trees were a surprise - like how God does that ;)

  2. i can't beleive you found so many. these are really cool. i am having a hard time deciding which one i like best. i really like the first reflection of the building because it is "different" but the 2 trees are different too. each and every one of these is PERFECT

  3. I think your kaleidoscope and seals are my favourites but there are plenty of super ones to choose from. You're just exacerbating my guilt that I didn't make an effort this week.

  4. So much to love and dazzle here! I love the sweet grandparents, and the stunning macro butterflies, WOW to those. And the first pictures are man made and then nature. Of course I adore the kaleidoscope colors, and the seals, so cute!!! What a fabulous post!!!

  5. Both Reflective shots are unique in thought and composition...wonderful. I thought of you when this theme was announced as I remembered your kalideoscope designs from posts past....this one is perfect for this them and for fall...beautiful. Love the grandparents as well....all of them really. Well done.

  6. The post took a lot of work and thought and came out very well.


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