Saturday, 5 November 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday: Deceiving



Not my balcony I’m afraid, but I love that top shadow…
Makes the balcony look twice as big! :)

And yes, it is Sweden in November!
(Not really obvious!)

For Shadow Shot Sunday


  1. Love the iron balconies and what great shadow shots for the day! Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend!!


  2. The balcony iron work is so pretty and certainly mikes lovely shadows.

  3. These pictures are too cool!!!! They change the size of the balcony!!

  4. Beautiful photos. I love the iron against the stone, The shadows really add to the photo. Have a great day.

  5. It does....but I wouldn't have noticed it before you mentioned it being larger by 'trickery'. I was too busy actually enjoying the wrought iron design.

    Off the Pier...shadows is my link, if you'd care to view.

    Have a great day.

  6. Yes, the shadow makes the balcony look two times bigger. The balcony looks like floating in the air. Beautiful and mysterious! To catch a shadow in right time is very difficult as the shadow is moving rapidly. Nice capture!
    Best wishes,

  7. that first shot is about the most amazing shadow shot ever. it looks like it continues on and makes a double balcony. great find, great shot. wow and wow again. glad their is sun to make shadows for you this time of year. it is a beautiful balcony even without the shadows. the thing is, with a photo like this, it is a once in a lifetime capture because if you try to do it again, it will not be there.

  8. You are right; a good shadow shot is very much dependent on being at the right place at the right time, with the right light - and your eyes open to see it! Taking part in the Shadow Shot Challenge I think has made me a lot more aware of this.

  9. Så häftig!

    Me like, när Sveige är inte så kallt, än så länge.

    Hoppas du njöt det varma vädret.

    Ha det,

  10. Now this is too cool, I love it!! Visiting from SSS>

  11. beautiful balcony....what wonderful shadows it produced

  12. Well captured!

    I have George's shadow. Please come and see when you get a chance.


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