Thursday, 3 November 2011

Friday My Town: Spooky

This week’s FMTSO theme is ‘Funny, Unusual, Strange, Spooky Signs’
A few weeks ago, when I wrote down the themes for the next few weeks in my diary – I somehow lost that last word: Signs…!
But funny signs in Swedish would be meaningless to most of my readers anyway. So I’ll focus on Spooky and (mostly) wordless. 
The first two are recent, the rest may be ‘deja vú’ to some of you!
Just a little spooky… Flat white shadows on the walkway.

Empty promises! [This word is the same in both languages…]
(The box is supposed to hold information brochures. It did not.)

Not very informative either!

Spooky candleholder

2009-09-20 king's tomb
[Photos from 2009 - collage made for this post.]
Folklore connected with a Neolithic tomb (1800-1500 BC):
Once upon a time, there was a king who died in battle, after most of his men had deserted him and fled. The old king bled to death; and on the spot where he died, he was laid to rest in a cist of stone. But one day, in a time of need, the king will rise again, with his twelve warriors, and come back to help his people…
Ancient stone circle in the same neighbourhood.

Skeleton found last year in the wood not far from the stone circle.
I’ve not been able to figure out from what animal. Any ideas?

… … …
Go to My Town – Mr Linky for more of the same kind.
Or perhaps something completely different. What do I know!


  1. Really cool pictures, the candleholder is something else! The only picture I remember is the beautiful night time stone circle.

  2. These are really cool. I like the whit flat shadow people and the stone circle is awesome. It's kind of eerie but very nice. I didn't realize the theme was for signs either. Somehow, I missed that last word too.

  3. I love the snow covered sign and the candles (beside signs). I guess I just don't notice signs, couldn't find a thing to post.

  4. wow you did a great job of spooky, i love the candle sticks and that last shot is really spooky. also like the snow covered sign and wonder what it is warning us of.

  5. the first shot is very cool! unusual for sure. I like the stone circle also.


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