Monday, 31 October 2011

Mosaic Monday: Colourful October

2011-10-25 autumn, town park

No link up yet for Mosaic Monday at Mary’s Little Red House but I’ll go ahead and post mine anyway. All the photos in this collage from our Town Park on 25 October. Magpie in the middle, in case the bird is not familiar to everyone.


The trees are some sort of Japanese cherry blossom. Decorative both in the spring and in the autumn. The leaves covering the trunks are from a different plant climbing up the trees; looks funny this time of year.


  1. a perfect good bye shot and mosaic. good bye Oct hello November.

  2. Beautiful collage, I like the middle left best. And is that a magpie? Yes those trees look so weird with the leaves on the trunks. Kind of like something from Middle Earth!! That whole picture, I expect some kind of strange woodland creature to jump out at any moment.

  3. October sure was beautiful! I love that you placed a bird in the centre of the mosaic.

  4. A lovely mosaic - I wonder how many more autumn shots there will be before the winter...


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