Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday (My Town) Sweets

2011-10-10 sweets

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I can’t think of any sweets uniquely connected with my town (Borås) but there is a caramel factory in a neighbouring town (Alingsås, 40k from here). The Extra Strong Lemon Drops (to the right in the collage) for example are made there.

Marabou is a Swedish chocolate brand, which has been very successful ever since it was launched in 1916. It is available in a number of European countries and also (I learn from Wikipedia) sold by IKEA in the US, Canada and Australia. Originally, the symbol of Marabou was a stork but at the end of the 1960s it was changed to a rounded “M”. Say “Mmm…” to a Swedish person and we want chocolate NOW! :) In childhood I much preferred milk chocolate, but when I later became lactose intolerant, I had to change my taste!

Läkerol is a Swedish brand of candies founded in 1909 by a man name Ahlgren, and therefore every candy is stamped with the letter A. The pastilles today are sugar-free and come in a variety of flavors. Cassis (blackcurrant) is one of my favourites.

If the examples above are not sweet enough for you, here is a mix of ‘home made’ sugary sweets from our Autumn Market:


(See also the post Sweet Temptation from a few weeks ago at my other blog.)

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  1. Those colourful sweets are such a temptation! They are shops here selling such sweets , where we can actually see how they are made in front of our eyes but I've yet to go there.

  2. a SWEET post.... i like lemon drops and love chocolate. i had nothing sweet to post, so skipped it. i almost took a photo of a cup of sugar, or a spoon of sugar, we don't keep sweets in the house and I planned to go to the candy factory we have here, but did not. oh well,

  3. The home-made sweets look familiar. Those satiny looking ones used to be popular eher in my youth but I haven't seen them for many years. It's funny how we can recall tastes after so many years - I can taste them now and, so far as I know, there's nothing like them on sale here now.

  4. I have not sen any of your candies in the first picture, they would be hard to find here. Maybe in World Market, I might try looking there. Your homemade ones in the lovely round picture (I do love the round) are what we call Hard Tack and are sold only in November and December. Some are filled and some not. All are hard.

  5. I love chocolate also. many different flavors!! the last shot looks like Christmas candy here in the U.S.


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