Friday, 21 October 2011

Friday My Town: Scavenger Hunt

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”
That’s the theme for this month’s Scavenger Hunt. And as if that’s not enough trouble, Mark (from
The Butler and Bagman Chronicles) in his FMTSO Member Voice post also added “
a silver sixpence in her shoe”!


Something old:


This church is the oldest building in our town. I had a post with some facts about it recently on my other blog: A Place of Worship.

The painting is also old, even if not as old as the church itself. It was painted by my maternal grandfather. I’m not sure when but I’m pretty sure it was before I was born. I have a vague idea it might even be from before he married my grandmother but I’m not certain. (My aunt might know!) - In my home, the painting is a new addition. I only took it home from my parents’ old house last weekend!


Something new:


Wedding dress (?) from an exhibition at the Textile Museum
of new clothes woven by students at the Textile College.


Something borrowed:


Audio books recently borrowed from the public library.
They will also represent Love being a Mystery in itself.


Something blue:


Indigo displayed at the Textile Museum.
(Should be enough to dye a garter or something for the bride.)

Nearly all indigo dye produced today is synthetic. But historically, indigo was a natural dye extracted from plants, and economically important because blue dyes were rare. It is among the oldest dyes to be used for textile dyeing and printing. The first major center for its production and processing was India.


… and a silver sixpence in her shoe:


I’m afraid it’s not really a silver sixpence.
The closest I could find was a 5 New Pence coin from 1971.
I also don’t have any white shoes (to go with the wedding theme);
and I suppose that technically the coin is on the shoe rather than in it.
Maybe I should have skipped this part! ;)

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PS. Ouch. It just hit me there is also a no-editing rule to the Hunt. I forgot about that. The indigo was cut out from a larger photo and a couple of the other photos were cropped a little as well.  ;) 


  1. I don't think I ever knew that photos couldn't be cropped for FMTSO - I do it so often it has almost become automatic.

    I have dim recollections of the 'silver sixpence in her shoe' but had quite forgotten it until you blogged. That line seems to have fallen out of fashion - perhaps because silver sixpences have become hard to get.

    A great post, Monica, thank you.

  2. Scriptor, the "straight out of the camera, no editing" rule is only for the scavenger hunts, along with the "one photo per word".

    I too am so used to doing a little bit of basic editing on most of the photos I post that I tend to forget. Since it's not really a competition I can't see that it matters much!

  3. congrats for doing the wedding theme. I could find a good looking pair of shoe, so I ditched the wedding idea.

    I hope you will never need to use a pair of clutches. Once I had a sore ankle, and decided to use the clutch, it hurt the hand more than the ankle.

  4. Congratulations on being the only person so far to attempt the silver sixpence line. And I know how grateful you are to have that painting in your house now. My maternal grandfather was also a painter. When I take a photograph, I often think how much more work our grandfathers put into creating beautiful images.

  5. you did it, found it all. that dress is cool, i would like to see it on someone. very creative on the blue,

  6. The church painting is really lovely! And I am so glad you are finding things at the house that you can bring home and use!! We have penny loafers here, but haven't seen any in awhile. For awhile they were all the rage, especially worn with white socks in the fifties. The indigo dye, what is that? Is it a big clump of fabric that was dyed indigo?

  7. The painting is beautiful and wow to the dress too!

    Scavenger Hunt

  8. The church painting is such a sweet piece of memorabilia passed down to you- I love it!

  9. Post of the week, I think! I thought "a sixpence in her shoe" would be impossible. Imagine you getting a shot of "true blue" - well done indeed!
    Love your new (to you) old painting. Your image of the lovely white gown captures purity and innocence, perfect for a wedding dress.

  10. I never knew about the silver six pence either. Love that painting.

  11. Interesting contest and answers.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  12. You found all four! I never knew about the silver six pence so I just omit that.

  13. Fantastic photos and wonderful interpretation so true to the Wedding Theme..right down to the shoe!

  14. I enjoyed your take on this scavenger hunt! The new dress must have taken many, many hours to make!

  15. nice post! interesting info on indigo. did not know that.


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