Sunday, 30 October 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday: Kitchen

2011-10-23 shadows

It’s Shadow Shot Sunday at Hey Harriet’s


  1. Kitchen shadows can be so mysterious!


    Shadows creeping through the land,
    Shadows dark on every hand—
    If they should begin to glow,
    You had better run, you know!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadows here and here

  2. You have managed to put things I hate in both your posts today, how funny!!! Cleaning the tile grout, grrr...But I like the shadows!

  3. I LOVE IT! really I do! the ordinary made beautiful by sun and shadows and YOU...i would not be able to post mine if i took it because of the dust on it. everything in yours is spotless.

  4. Yeah, I prefer my shadows nice and clean... Haha!

  5. Fantastic shadows!! Love the 'see through' images of the plastic detergent bottle.

    And your Blaze of Autumn post below this is just stunning.

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday during Shadow Shot Sunday. It's a pleasure to have your company.

    EYE spy!! is my link for today.

  6. You always remind me that interesting shots are everywhere if I just open my eyes and see them! I probably wouldn't have even noticed the beauty there is to see in this scene!


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