Friday, 7 October 2011

Friday My Town: Discoveries

Discoveries from my September Archives:


Cute baby discovering his toes.



Queen Silvia of Sweden discovering the cute baby.




Damselflies discovering each other.



Discovered evidence of a failed fishing expedition.



Mushrooms discovering that they can climb trees.



Camouflaged butterflies - hard to discover.


(Small Tortoiseshell)


(Common Brimstone – look again!)



Small Tortoiseshell discovered on the photographer.



Bee discovering pollination.



Re-discovering the Library,
which moved back into renovated premises.



Discovering that Autumn is here.


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  1. What an absolutely fabulous series of discoveries. Loving the baby toes!

  2. This is another grand post. It's a good job the police didn't discover the man in the shrubbery. Perhaps he was the police......most are a bit strange.
    The mushrooms are Honey Fungus and have done very well this year. good for it but not the tree, it causes White Rot and kills trees.

  3. lots and lots to stare at here. i like babies hands and feet, and this little hand is so sweet. i missed the peeking tom in the first shot of the queen.
    and i had to take several looks to find the butterfly that looks like a leaf. all of these are awesome. the mushrooms are great, my favorite pick today is the fishing floater. love that shot a lot

  4. How wonderful discoveries you did! I enjoyed your discoveries with you, which are so fresh and vivid to me. You have the great eye to catch the moment.
    Is the man in shrubbery a bodyguard
    Best wishes,

  5. Beautiful discoveries! The baby is so cute and I LOVE the mushrooms in the tree. :)

  6. This is one of my favorite posts of yours ever, EVER!!! Almost each picture could stand on it's own for a post, but you have drenched our eyes with wonder, humor, and beauty!!! The peeping tom picture is too funny! I love the hidden butterflies among the gorgeous flowers, so much fun trying to find them all. And the hidden leaf butterfly, I did have to scroll back and take another look, then had a big WOW moment! And the bee is such a good shot. The Damselflies, wow!!! I don't know how you managed to get that shot! I really cannot tell where one ends and the other starts, it is seamless. The eyes look like glass globes. Did you get a new camera recently, I can't remember?

  7. This is a wonderful post! Such variety, humour and colour. Have a great weekend.

  8. I chose to go for things I was thankful for but your post could have fitted that category as well! I haven't seen that many Small Tortoisehells together for many years - how wonderful.

  9. Adrian, Snowwhite... I'm not sure if that man in the bush was bodyguard, police, photographer or just a bystander. There were plenty of all categories around. Anyway to my knowledge nothing "unpleasant" happened during the royal visit.

  10. I'd be worried if I were you. This post is so good, how are you going to maintain the standard? Stupid question, of course you will. Your photos are always stunning. My favourite (and it took quite a while to decide) is the hanging fishing float. Although I'm impressed that you spotted the Common Brimstone; I didn't see it until you drew my attention to it.

  11. I love all your photos, each of them tell a story!

  12. I like to discover that your mushroom are edible.

  13. I like to discover that your mushroom are edible.

  14. Love the angle of the baby shot. It highlights the discovery of the toes.

  15. awesome post!! I agree with the majority here, every pic you can tell a story with. I had a hard time picking just one favorite.


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