Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Ruby Tuesday: The Last Rose


The last rose of summer? Maybe. One never quite knows…
Photo from the town park, taken at a low angle.

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  1. So pretty! Rose is one of my favorite flower, I'm lucky to be living in a tropical country where flowers bloom all year long.

  2. I like the angle of the photo as much as the beautiful rose and the building in the background, all of it makes a very pleasing and beautiful photo. it has atmosphere.

  3. Is that a moss rose? Great find, I love the gazebo in the background, it makes the whole picture look rather Victorian, like in times way past! It is timeless.

  4. Love your horse chestnut post from Monday! You were lucky that one was cracked open, they are impossible to open without tools! I think these are the ones you can't eat? Unlike real chestnuts, which are harder to find.

  5. Ginny, moss rose is a very small plant isn't it? This is a regular rose bush.

    As for the horse chestnuts, no they are not for eating (by humans). They do however usually crack open when hitting the ground. I'm just glad they did not try to crack open on my head! :)


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