Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ruby Tuesday: Demolition



The demolition of the old factory building down by the river is progressing slowly. I guess they intend to reuse some of the material – probably not in this spot, but somewhere.

Ruby Tuesday 2


  1. this just might be my most favorite of all your reflection photos, and I love all of yours. and it makes me sad to think that beautiful building will become one not nearly as beautiful.

    1. Well, to be quite truthful, this was never really the most beautiful building in town, not even for a factory. I doubt anyone will miss it all that much. There are other building projects that I feel more hesitant about than this one. It's always a mess while things like this are going on, though. That piece of walkpath across the river from it not quite as peaceful as before...

  2. Oh my goodness, I love the reflection picture!!! We have a building close by that is just like the tower part of this, and the fire department uses it for practice on stuff. Don't know if they still do though.


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