Friday, 10 August 2012

Friday My Town–Children


It seems that “children” is yet another label sadly missing from my photo-tagging system, and I haven’t been around kids much lately.

This is a paparazzi shot of children unknown to me that I took on one of the daytrips out of town that my brother and I made in July. The little playboat is situated on the grounds of Torpa Castle.

(Silly coincidence: The Swedish word for children is “barn”.
Which in English is that building in the background…)

Go look at other people’s children here:

Friday My Town Shoot Out – Children




  1. I like the barn better than the children. ha ha.. barn is a good word for them. that is where they belong... ha ha

  2. Can you believe I could not find a single child in my town while out for photos. I went to the skatepark and no one. Too hot I guess. Now I know there were children in the City Pool but the fence was too high for me to get a shot. Oh well I have plenty of grands around. Love the children and the barn.

  3. That barn is a great back drop for the children in the shot. I don't have many children around me either.

  4. Sandra!!!

    Great coincidence with the word barn! You could have just shown barns & it would've been legit.

    We have one grandchild, a baby, but his parents don't want his picture on the internet & I can't blame them.

  5. Lovely barn! both of the barns...

  6. Did the mums know you were taking their photos.

  7. ah ha - or as the Scottish might say the bairn outside the barn! Interesting that the two words are so similar - barn and bairn I mean! Lovely shot.


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