Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wordless Wednesday


Last Saturday I had 15-20 minutes to spend between busses. I saw some tents in the park so strolled over to see what was going on. Whatever I’d expected to find, bagpipers in kilts were not included among my guesses…


I think there was some kind of musical corps gathering going on, there were some more typical brass bands too.

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  1. Intersting sight!- were they playing some sweet music?

  2. I just love the sound of bagpipes!

  3. i love the sound of bagpipes if played with talent, and if no talent they hurt the ears. they play them here at funerals and just the sound brings tears to my eyes. i love amazing grace played on the pipes. i am wondering if the pony tail is a woman. just the shape and the way he/she is standing, not the pony tail itself,makes me wonder.

  4. What a great shot! I love the sound of bagpipes - this is a great addition to Wordless Wednesday! Thanks for linking up!

  5. What a great find! For a year or so I've been "knee deep" in Scotland--kilts, bagpipes, fighting and clans--through Diana Gabaldon's time travel novels in the Outlander series. Love to see the modern version as well. And don't they look manly in their pleated skirts? :-)


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