Saturday, 1 September 2012

Friday My Town: Black and White






The FMTSO theme this week is Black & White. I haven’t really been in the right kind of mood though. I tried a few shots outdoors earlier in the week, but all looked better in colour… (I’m so not looking forward to winter…)


But then today I re-visited this sculpture (entitled House 18) inside a church, and against the black background here, I quite like the B&W effect. The sculpture is cut out of blocks of alabaster and marble. The name of the artist is Lars-Åke Åberg; and the sculpture has been part of this summer’s sculpture biennal in my town.


See more ‘black and white’ here.


  1. those windows are marvelous, i love them LOTS....

  2. I'd be delighted with images like that if I weren't even in the mood to start with. The church windows are lovely in b & w. And I love the effect of the light in the second shot.

  3. This is a superb sculpture and a great image of it.

  4. Thanks (to all three of you above). Pauline, it was my outdoors attempts in b&w earlier in the week that I wasn't pleased with. I guess I just want to hold on to the colours of summer as long as they're still there! These photos of the church windows and the sculpture I'm quite pleased with. (When I commented on your post I hadn't yet decided what to post, and these were still in my camera.)

  5. That first shot is delicious! The light streaming in through those gorgeous windows and bouncing off the statue are simply stunning.

  6. Somehow the sculpture fits in perfectly in its spot below the window. I keep missing FMTSO. I must try harder!

  7. Dawn - I like your attempts, I am thinking that with a digital - auto camera the photos in black and white has to have very subdued lite. some if the sun is brite, the white is too white and the shadows get lost in the glare. but I love the sulptuer - is a great shot.

  8. That's quite a fantastic shot of the sculpture...the marble seems to glow.


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