Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday My Town – Get High

… with your camera, as in shoot from above.



Next to our railway station, there is a high rock.
So I decided to do a bit of climbing…


… On second thought, better use the stairs and path!
But I did go up there, and here’s what I saw:


Looking west: The railway station – and a bit beyond…


And a rainbow in the clouds (cut and enlarged from the photo above) – I actually didn’t see that until I got the photos up on the computer!


Zooming in the buildings on the other side of the tracks.



South: There’s the tornado sculpture from the first photo again. To the right is the “travel centre” for the long distance busses. In the background to the left is a school, and to the right a spectacular triangular office building.



East: Towards the town centre. You can see both church spires in this photo.



Lots of red roofs…



… and other colours, too.


* * *


The day after I’d been up to the top of the Rock, I thought of another high place I’d never been to with the digital camera. So off I went… up to the old Water Tower.


Built in 1900 and looking like a little fairy tale castle, surrounded by a little park on the top of a hill.




I’ve been up to the top of the tower once, but it’s not usually open to the public. So the entrance gate is as high as I got this time.



The view downhill towards the town centre.



The other side of the hill.


* * *


On my way back downtown, I passed the Gustaf Adolf Church which was built around the same time as the water tower…


I’ve never been up in the tower…


… and I didn’t go that high this time either.


But I did go up on the balcony where the big organ is.


▲ Looking down … and looking up ▼








  1. when you get HIGH on our drug of choice, our camera, you truly get HIGH... these are amazing views of your home town, and i like everyone of them. the water tower has to be my favorite because it is OLD and Stone...worth the climb up that rock. ha ha on that, it would be up the steps for me and not very fast at that. beautiful sights today

  2. What a great wander round.....That organ is a beauty as is Tornado.

    1. I was thinking of your organ photos when I was up there! Not easy to get really good shots of it, from below one is too far away, and up on the balcony one gets too close...

  3. the photos are all lovely. the last one was a OMG photo though. your hometown is really beautiful. I Know it already with the bits and pieces you've shown over the last couple of years (has it been that long?) but to see it from above - an over view - is really - really nice.
    have a great week.

  4. Such gorgeous surroundings. Love the architecture of your town. I was looking right at the rainbow in the first shot and never noticed it until you enlarged that area. All of your photos are terrific.

  5. Wonderful shots. Your town is so clean and well kept looking.

  6. Your photos wouldn't load for me yesterday. I'm so glad I came back for another go today, wouldn't have wanted to miss these - and they loaded in a jiffy. Love, love the roofs, the red and the other colour, too. You chose a perfect treatment for your water tower shots, love the middle one! And the grand church and its organ - WOW! Better stop, I'm ranting now!

  7. So many beautiful photo, but the one that blew me away is the photos of the church interior, so beautiful .

  8. Oh wow, oh wow. Every photo made me say Oh wow. A beautiful job.


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