Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Ruby Tuesday: Meet Sara


After seeing the Madsnapper’s Wal-Mart pigs the other day, my own ‘Miss Piggy’ by name of Sara gave me an accusing look and wondered why other piggy banks get to be displayed on blogs, but not she, and does one really need to wear a tiara and a tu-tu to be called cute?! So I had to assure her that I find her very cute just as she is with her jungle pattern – and doing an excellent job of taking care  of my small change besides. When I promised her a spot on Ruby Tuesday, she blushed and looked pleased. (Her name is Sara because the Swedish word for “save” is “spara”.)

I hope this will be enough to keep her from going through my jewellry box when I’m not looking…

Ruby Tuesday 2


  1. I'm not usually a fan of piggies (except for real piglets), but I have to say that I love the design on yours.

    1. Actually I don't think I ever had a piggy bank in all my life (in the actual shape of a pig) before I happened to come across this one last winter and just couldn't resist buying it!

  2. she is quite cute, tell her i will consult with the tutu piggy and ask about a custom designed tiara for Sara...
    I love pigs, and like you have never had a 'piggy'bank. i used to save in old jars with lids the little i had. right now i use old cool aid containers and a plastic vase.

  3. Beautiful she is ... I don't recall ever having a piggy bank either ... :)
    Visiting from Ruby Tuesday

  4. Our 'piggy' banks are all boring tins with holes in the lids. Now I shall be on the look-out for the real thing if I can find one as beautiful as Sara. (Even GB might agree she's cute and he's hard to please where that word is concerned!)

  5. Cute piggy bank!

    My Ruby post.
    Have a great evening.


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