Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Ruby Tuesday Year


Taking photos of fireworks is not easy. Not much time to fiddle around with settings either, so it’s pretty much just click and see what happens. In this photo I like how it seems like musical notes are escaping from the fire!

For Ruby Tuesday


  1. looks like the music got to HOT and just popped on out of there. i like it

  2. It is very hard taking pictures of fireworks! I have found that it just does not do right with my camera's fireworks setting, I don't know why. I have never had a camera that the fireworks setting worked. That means playing with each setting, and wasting one firework for each experiment!!! Happy New Year, my friend!!!

    1. I agree with that. Using the fireworks settings was the opposite of helpful...

  3. I agree, I love fireworks and most of the time prefer to watch than miss them playing with camera settings. Really like your fiery music shot!

  4. I was asleep before the New Year so I enjoyed your fireworks!!

    My Ruby Tuesday 2 is at:



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