Sunday, 13 January 2013

Shadow Shot Sunday


Yesterday afternoon the Sun and I happened to be out together for just a short while. There haven’t been many opportunities for shadow shots lately!

Shadow Shot Sunday 2


  1. Blue sky? I had forgotten what it looked like. It looks great.

  2. this is rally awesome, i love the composition of it and can't decide if i like the shadows on the building best or the sun shining on the tree the best. really really beautiful. glad the sun came out for a visit

  3. Wonderful, spidery shadows on the wall! They look as if they are creeping up the wall!

  4. Härliga färger! Skönt det blir ljusare på kvällarna nu så man kan ta lite bilder igen! Hopppas du får en bra vecka!

  5. Wonderful. I also like the pretty blue sky behind the real tree.

  6. that is the same here as well...the sky doesn't look like the sun was out for very long. nice limb shadows on the building!!


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