Thursday, 28 February 2013

Friday My Town Shoot Out - Anniversary Celebration


Friday My Town Shoot Out is celebrating its 4th anniversary – their first post was Feb 27, 2009.

“In this week's post share something about FMTSO. Tell us when you started linking up with us, share memories, repost your favorite theme from one of our topics, or talk about the friends you have made.”

I’m not quite sure when I first joined in. I think I was just following for a while before I decided to take part. But at least I have been with you a little more than half the way…

Here are some of my contributions to various themes, randomly picked from my archive on this blog:


Some Place Yummy (12 October 2012)



RED (16 December 2010)



WEIRD STUFF (13 January 2011)

2011-01-14 Weird Things


April Fool’s Day (1 April 2011)



“Match a Quote” (19 August 2011)



Lawn Tools (24 November 2011)


Arms and Legs (12 January 2012)



Steeples, Spires and Weatherwanes (23 March 2012)

2011-04-15 Churches1


Shallow Depth of Field (7 September 2012)



Self Portraits (16 November 2012)


Happy Blog-Anniversary
to All Shoot Out Friends !

PS. Did you take part in FMTSO in the past, at any time?
Even if it’s been a while, please feel welcome to take part in the celebration!

2011-05-21 town centre

(from a celebration in my town, May 2011)


  1. all fantastic photos. can't believe it has been four years already.

  2. I like the first two photos a lot, but you always have good photos.

  3. i remember about half of these... i like that last collage and the self portrait...

  4. Doesn't time fly? I recall some of your photos but not others. Mind you with my memory that doesn't say much. I was going to say that I loved the sled but then came the ostrich and then the garden tools. Yes, Monica, you have a way with photographs.

  5. Great job. I entered several times myself before I became a regular. I remember when I asked to have my night put on the list. Can't believe it has been 4 years. I have gotten to recognize your style. Great job.

  6. I always enjoyed looking at all your photos, they are beautifully taken and they let me see some interesting sights in your town.

  7. We should probably revisit some of those themes I had forgotten about! Nice memories.

  8. I'm with Rebecca I should go back and look at all the topics again. Some photos I remember alot not. but have always loved the glimpses into your town and culture that you've given. hugs from Houston, Ginger

  9. That was a wonderful look back! I LOVE the weird image and the whimiscal flamingo!
    The cake in your header is making me drool - even though I really don't need cake. :)

  10. You have a twin in Idaho. Love your weird shots.

  11. What a super selection. And a reminder to me that I really should take part again - even if on an irregular basis.

  12. Wow, an abundance of beauty!!!! Some I remember and some I do not. The red dress, I remember that whole continuing story and how it amused me for weeks!!! That was when I was sure that your blog was really special. The big ostrich I did not see, maybe before we met, or when I was on a break. What a great walk down memory lane!


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