Friday, 8 February 2013

Windows and Doors – Nääs Castle II

Friday My Town Shoot Out

Another FTMSO topic that gives me a reason to show some more photos from a visit to Nääs Castle last summer.

In case you missed the previous post about Nääs, or wish to refresh your memory, you can find it here: Frozen in Time 


Nääs Castle



One of the wings in front of the castle


CIMG9884-001  CIMG9885-001

Close-up of entrance to the wing, and an open window



The barn (now stables)



A kitchen window in the basement of the castle



House built for the director of Nääs Craft School in 1878.





▲ Lots and lots of windows in this building… ▼


I’ve been to crafts exhibitions here in the past. There was nothing going on in that room just now – BUT…


… there was an outdoors exhibition to do with building techniques and doors and windows…




  1. super shots.. like them all. i like that big open room with all the windows, and the shots of the open door beside the windows that are open are beautiful. my favorite it the view out of the kitchen window

  2. I'm very happy to revisit the castle. I remember I was drawn to the kitchen last time you took us there and, sure enough, it is the kitchen window that grabs me this time, too. I also really like the second to last image of the brick wall and doorway, but I don't know why, I think it must be the composition.

  3. I remember your earlier blog of this castle and am still as fascinated now as I was then. Lovely pictures. They tell a story which is satisfying to me. Thanks.

  4. So many different and interesting things here today. I love the pretty tiles around the windows of the director's house. And the arching stable windows, the stable is itself like a really nice house. Also the way the windows open outwards in the castle, and the old car they have parked there. A visit back to a rich and sophisticated past...

  5. SO much variety! I love the tiles around the windows.

  6. I remember it too. I love the brick and stone wall with just the door. Wonderful post.

  7. The castle or the house - I could live in either. :)
    Love the details you've captured!
    I like the two brick/stone walls and I'm sitting here thinking what a great garden addition on the right scale they would be.


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