Friday, 22 February 2013

Friday My Town: Bicycles

It’s not exactly bicycle-friendly weather here just now.
The two winter photos are from this month, the rest from my archives.

DSC_0519 bicycles fog

This one I snapped with my mobile one morning this week, outside the hospital. In the summer this bicycle parking spot is usually overfull… In winter, not so many!!!

CIMG0139 bicycle

I used to have an old bicycle similar to this one. Back in my twenties I cycled a lot, living in a town that was mostly flat. (Never used to cycle in the winter in snow and ice though.)

CIMG3069 bicycle

Then I moved to a town not so flat… For many years I lived on top of one hill, having my place of work on top of another hill. As I always had to walk and push the bike half the way anyway, sometimes it just did not feel worth while.

DSCN1846 bicycle

After an injury causing long-lasting neck problems I gave up the bike altogether. No, I did not throw it in the river ;) I gave it away to some junk recycling collection in connection with moving, not having used it at all for eight years. Maybe it got a new life, maybe not… I don’t know!

CIMG8205-001 bicycle

Better keep an eye on your bike in town…
Leaving it over night by the riverside is not a good idea.


CIMG3211-1 tandem bike

An unusual bike for two.

Friday My Town Shoot Out – Bicycles



  1. that last bike for two is really cool looking. poor bike in the river and the one upside down... walking and biking are good for your health and over here people pay to go to the gym to walk and ride inside.....

  2. too bad you also have to put up with vandalism. I like the pic of riders in the snow, the first one. wouldn't see that here.

  3. Bike for two was very unusual. What crazy people ride bikes in the snow? It is almost like the idiots who run around without coats and in shorts in Utah during our snow filled winter months.

  4. Nice story. Nice pictures, too. You know, one day I may still get on a bike :)

  5. Yes that tandem bike is nice. I have never seen one in real life. Some great photos as usual. The one in the water conjures up all kings of visuals.

  6. Wow, you have a collection of interesting bicycle photos. I guess you need snow tires in winter. ;)
    My FMTSO Post

  7. Interesting, and some of these pictures are just plain strange! Like the one under water, wonder what happened there? Did he get mad and throw it in? Was he wanting to get rid of it? Or did he maybe accidentally ride it in? The The tied upside down makes me wonder about the owner, does he see things upside down and is he oppositional? Quite a few people ride bikes here in good weather, we even have bicycle stores, you do too probably. But we definitely do not see so many parked or chained.

    1. Ginny, I'm pretty sure it was not the owners who threw or tried to throw the bikes in the river. Bikes are easy targets for theft and vandalism.

  8. I think you get the award for the best collection of bike photos. Love the bicycle built for two, the front part looks to be especially built for a child. Your people must be hardy to be out on a bike in the snow! I met a man yesterday who bikes 30km each way to and from work each day and all I wanted to take a photo of was his legs! Also love the bike ditched in the river.

  9. The tandem bike is common feature at a bike rental kiosk at a park here, good for couples!

  10. The tandem is one of the most unusual I have ever seen.


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