Friday, 1 February 2013

Me and My Cameras

Friday My Town Shoot Out

2013-02-01 Exilim Camera

My present camera companion: Casio Exilim EX-H30 (bought in May, 2011), here with a flexible “GorillaPod” attached.

For the portrait above I had to use my other digital one, a Nikon Coolpix 4600, bought in spring 2006:

2013-02-01 Nikon Coolpix camera

The Coolpix has two advantages which may still sometimes make it useful:
1. It runs on common AA batteries.
2. It has an optical viewfinder.

However, the Exilim has a very good battery and can take LOTS of pictures before need of recharging. It has no optical viewfinder but it has a much better zoom. So I very rarely use the Coolpix now (except for tricky challenges like how to show you the back of the other one!).

I got my first camera when I was nine (back in 1964). It was an old one I ‘inherited’ from my dad, who also processed our black-and-white films himself back then.


My little brother with two playmates in 1965. Photo taken by me (at 10 years old) with my first camera; reproduced here with help of my present camera and a bit of digital editing, because the original is glued into an album with spiral spine which won’t lie flat on the scanner!

I don’t remember the name of that first camera or what happened to it. I never got very good at handling the manual settings. Through my teens and into my twenties, I had two or perhaps even three instamatics. At least one of them was a Kodak pocket one using the 110 format.

In 1983 before a journey to Germany I bought an Olympus XA2 with 3-zone autofocus, which allowed me to also take diapositives. That camera came to serve me well enough for 23 whole years until I bought my first digital one.


▲ Image of an XA2 from the Internet


A winter picture taken with the XA2 in 1984. Back then I was living in Karlstad north of Lake Vänern, and they were still floating timber down the river Klarälven.



Nowadays I live close to another river, Viskan.
Photo from December 2012.


Today (1 February 2013)


  1. Superb shots. I am envious of such compact equipment. I too had an XA-2.

    1. Adrian, you'd no doubt be bored with a point-and-shoot like mine... Not enough challenge for you! ;) I on the other hand would never volontarily carry a heavy Bertha around with me!

  2. now you have me thinking about what i took with what and when... hummm i wonder if i could find some old pics. i bought my first digital in 02 until then i had a Minolta 35 mm that was film and could not afford to take verymany photos. used it for family fun shots. when my kids were little in the 60's i had one of those instant cameras that spit out the not so good photos that developed themselves. so i was 25 before i had a camera. i did not become addicted until i bought the digital.

    1. The digital camera certainly changed things... Getting to see the images instantly, being able to edit them oneself, not having to worry about the cost of film etc. My digital camera was also my first that could take macro shots.

  3. I love seeing the history of your photos, and reading your camera history. But now to the Gorilla Pod!!! I WANT it! Will it fit Nikon Coolpix? It is so cool, just what I need. I am going to look it up on Amazon!

    1. Yes Ginny, the GorillaPod fits the Coolpix as well.

  4. Those last two shots are lovely!!
    The light and steam and then the reflections - really nice!

  5. All my point and shoot camera only lasted around 2 years, maybe because I used it regularly. The DSLR has been with me for almost 3 years now.

  6. This was wonderful. If I were participating this week, I'd have the same kind of stories to tell. I've been attached to a camera since I was about 8 or 9. My favorite is still my first 35mm. Not even an SLR but that camera was wonderful.

  7. Love your story of you and your cameras - and the photo of your brother and his friends. Sorry I'm so late in visiting, seem to get later and later each week. Busy days!


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