Friday, 23 August 2013

FMTSO: Emergency Vehicles (Sweden)


Ambulance parked outside a building in my neighbourhood recently (photo taken with this theme in mind).


Demonstration of a fire truck in the town square, about four weeks ago.



For Friday My Town Shoot Out – Emergency Vehicles


  1. They have lots of equipments in there! Love all your photos.

  2. This is an FMTSO I should have entered but was too busy. The back of the fire truck is great.

  3. I really like the second shot of the fire engine in such pretty surroundings, with it's doors open and welcoming. And I love the last shot of the coat and hat sitting on the back of the vehicle as if to say, "Job done, resting now."

  4. Luckily the fire truck was for demonstration! Great shots.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. no way traffic can miss that ambulance.. these are perfect for the meme

  6. I love the look into the back of the truck with the fireman's bright jacket hanging there. But your ambulance, are they mostly the same, or do different ones have different colors? SO interesting to see the yellow checkerboard one. It looks like a lot of our cabs, but would never be recognized as an ambulance here. Most of our ambulances are white. And our fire trucks are either red or yellow. LOVE the last picture. But how funny, the woman is wearing an evening gown!!!

  7. You've got some detailed shots there. I like that the ambulance is yellow. That's different to what I usually see.

  8. i like the idea of showing the fiermen out in the community. and the shot showing the detail of the back of the back of the truck is great.


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