Saturday, 10 August 2013

FMTSO: Seasonal Fun

When I look back on our sunny, beautiful summer this year,
it’s the quiet moments that stand out most to me.


Some rare such quiet moments on my own balcony
(cut out from the usual background noises
that come with living among lots of other people,
who also like to sit on their balconies
and to keep doors and windows open…)


Reading on a park bench



An occasional drive out into the countryside
with visiting friends or relatives


Wildflowers at the roadside


Having lunch in some unusual place
(like an old barn, now popular restaurant)


Or just a walk to the Museum Park in town,
and cup of tea at their summer café.


Sunny and still afternoons in the garden
at my parents’ old place outside town.


And a quiet early morning walk down by the lake.

Friday My Town Shoot Out: Seasonal Fun


  1. Monica, have you changed your camera? These are not only beautiful shots but excellent quality.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Adrian, it's the same camera I've been using for two years now!

  2. these are all really beautiful, i have two favorites, the second up of the berries or rosehips i think and that lady reading i the garden is just fantastic.

    1. Sandra, the berries are red currants. I had those in another post recently too, remember?

  3. I think I would call this post "A Quiet Beauty". I adore the berries you captured at your parent's house. The first picture is the most stunning to me, and you did well to make it the first one. It does make me sad that this is the end of summer...when does your summer end? And I think your summers are shorter than ours, which last about three and a half months before we really feel the nip of fall. Is that field full of daisies and thistles? What a beautiful mixture!

    1. Traditionally we divide the year into four seasons, counting June-August as summer. In reality it depends on the weather though. Some years summer can be 4 months or more (from May into September), but if June and July turn out rainy it may feel like we hardly got any summer at all. This year both June and July were mostly sunny (around where I live) and hopefully the feeling of summer will linger on for a while yet.

    2. Daises and red clover (purple trefoil) - not thistles.

  4. Sorry, Monica, I don't know how I missed your post at the weekend. There's a lovely 'soft' quality to all your shots as if summer may be hot but it's never unpleasantly so. Love the first two shots!


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