Saturday, 25 June 2011



On Midsummer Eve, going out to my dad’s old place, I got off the bus close to this old stone circle – not among the most impressive in Sweden, but still around 2000 years old. It was hard to get a good photo view of it on a grey summer day. It is quite close to the road and there are also modern buildings close by. In this photo I managed to edit out an electrical cabinet in the background. The flowers in the foreground are Lupines; very common around here at Midsummer.

… … …

Below is a frosty autumn photo from the same place for comparison.
I probably spent an hour finding it on the computer, convinced it must have been back in 2009 I took it. Turned out however that it was as recently as in November 2010 – only 7½ months ago.


The stone circles of the Iron Age (ca. 500 BC – ca. 400 AD) were a characteristic burial custom of southern Scandinavia, especially on Gotland and in Götaland during the Pre-Roman Iron Age and the Roman Iron Age. In Sweden, they are called Domarringar (judge circles). The circles are usually round, or elongated ellipses. The stones may be very large and they are usually between 9 and 12. Sometimes there are as few as 6–8. Excavations have shown burnt coal in the centre of the circles and they are nowadays considered to be incineration graves. There is also a widespread tradition that the circles were used for so-called “things”, or general assemblies.
(Source: Wikipedia)


  1. This is all so interesting.
    Such different atmosphere in each of the photos. Both beautiful and evocative.

  2. they are both beautiful, i think i am leaning towards the night shot as my favorite of the two, but it is to close to decide. i love both of them and i like the edit you did on the first one around the edges. very interesting also. I love old things and it is hard to find anything here that is 2000 years old.

  3. Your blog is just beautiful today. Either picture could be on the front of a greeting card. I like the way you did the edges of the first one, too. The second one is just perfect, slightly spooky with the way the light is.

  4. The November shot was taken around 10AM. The Midsummer shot around 9AM(daylight savings time, so really 8AM). That illustrates how much difference the time of year makes around here!

  5. Monica, glad you found it. The second shot is a stunner. Quite blows what's left of my mind away.

  6. What an interesting, magical place, both photos are lovely but I especially love the night photo it is stunning.

    xoxoxo ♡

  7. The second photo is absolutely stunning, Monica.


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