Monday, 6 June 2011

Mosaic Monday: Funfair

2011-06-03 spring market

2011-06-04 spring market

With the annual Spring Market comes the Funfair. I never really was one for going round and round and upside down myself, even as child… But now I enjoy the opportunity to play with my new camera!


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  1. i love the carousel and would like to ride that llama. i have always loved the merry go rounds, and i rode my last one at age 17, but i don't do the upside down thing, just the carousel.

  2. New camera?? How long have I been missing this? Tell me EVERYTHING! I think this is one of the most exciting things in a blogger's life! I just got a new one with a swing out screen a few months ago! I LOVE these pictures!!! I took very similar ones of a fair here, you will see shortly. But I didn't get all the joyful children in mine. I LOVE the pink hippo and the mama and baby kangaroo!!

  3. These photos are great for sure. You got just the right time for some great shots.

  4. I have always been one for the wild swings and the upside downs. I surprised my grands a couple of years ago when they looked wistfully at the "Jaws of Death" and begged their father to do it with them. They were stunned when I said I would do it with them - but we had a ball! Love your photos, they remind me of my introduction into such experiences.


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