Sunday, 5 June 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday: One, Two, Three – Go!



Hey, there must be something extra going on in town today.
Hardly likely that all these people took their bikes into
the city
just because it happens to be a sunny day!


And what is everyone standing in line for?
1-2-3… Obviously a competition of some kind.


Involving wetsuits AND bikes?!
Yep. It’s our very own Triathlon.


Starting with swimming 200 m in the river.


Then quickly out of the water…


… drop the wetsuit, and grab the bike…


… for a race around town …


On a day like this, not too boring for the audience
to have to wait in the park until they come back.


Ah, here they come again, on foot this time…
Trying to outrun their own shadows!


Thirsty work on a hot day!

(Sorry not to have a photo of the winners -
I have to confess I didn’t wait around for that.)


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  1. Wow, you got all the stages of it!! Did you have to do much walking to keep up? Did they have three winners? I see that one bike says UFO on it. Does that mean unidentified flying object, like it does here?

  2. Looks like a beautiful park and a great day for a race. All of your pictures are great. Glad I wasn't participating in the race, but I would have enjoyed watching it! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. this is really really cool, i love the first shot, all those round shadows and the next to the last one with the man on his shadow, these are great action shots. did you use your new camera? on sport mode? these are excellent photos and the subject is so interesting to me. your photos tell the story.,

  4. All that running and!


    Come here, my shadow,
    Do not delay;
    Be my companion,
    Show me the way;
    Teach me your secrets,
    Chant as we go
    Of light and darkness—
    Make my heart glow!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadow of Memories

  5. I'm fascinated by the swimming shot. Is there really only one person doing freestyle? The others look to be breaststroking. That looks odd to me. Here it's hard to identify individuals (except by the colours on their caps) amonst the splashing of swinging arms and kicking legs.

    You got some great actions shots here!

  6. I do not know how these people so the Triathlon. It seems to me to be terribly painful and hard on the body. Walking a mile is about all I am good for these days. Seeing all the colorful goings-on thanks to your great photos lets me pretend I am really partaking of all the festivities. Great shots. I think sitting in the park is the way to go!

  7. I watched on TV yesterday on one of these races. The man who tumbled, yet he came first. These are incredible people.

  8. Really nice shadow patterns!

    Shadow shots, have a great week ahead.

  9. Ginny, all I did was some leisurely strolling to put myself in positions from where I could get photos ;)
    And yes we do use the English abbreviation UFO for unidentified flying objects.

    Sandra, I did use my new camera, but I couldn't find the sports mode so I just had it on auto, but I did actually remember to set manual exposure on some shots since there was very sharp contrast between sunlight and shadow.

    Jeanette, Genie, MMT - I too get tired enough by just watching! ;)

    Pauline, there were a lot more people swimming than I could catch in one shot, and they were free to use any style they wanted. I might put up some more swim shots in another post (Watery Wednesday perhaps?)

    Ann, this was a triathlon with rather short distances. There was one favourite who had to break off early because he got a puncture, he said if it had been a longer race he'd have had it repaired and continues but on a short distance there's no chance to catch up.

  10. It looks like a great day for a Triathlon, great photos Dawn, especially of the beautiful park.

    xoxoxo ♡


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